Every user has the possibility to design the browser as the wishes to. By using the themes provided everybody can adopt the interface of Mozilla Firefox individually.
Below you find a list of such themes for Mozilla Firefox

Outlook 2003 Green:

This is exactly the right theme if you are fan of the Outlook design. There are additional colors like green, blue and silver available.

Red Cats:

Animal lovers will like this theme very much.


Numerous Fans of Kitsch made this theme to one of the most popular


Access to the Internet without barriers provided by a very famous theme, with large icons.

Metal Lion - Vista:

Metal Lion is considered to be one of the most popular and recent themes. This is where Vista and Metal unite.

Littlefox for Mozilla Firefox:

Littlefox is a hot theme if you need optimum screen resolution. It requires on little space and the surf experience will not be restricted.

Scribblies Kids:

This theme is very much appreciated by kids. Colorful buttons make surfing the Internet an experience.


Exactly the right thing for the creepy time of the year. Use the Halloween-Look to be prepared...

Blue Shift:

Friends of strong colors and dark themes made this theme to one of the most popular. It is also available in grey, blue, yellow, green, orange, pink and red with dark contrast.


This theme is most suitable for people with visual impairment. The icons are 32x32 and 48x48mm in size. The best choice for small screens with high resolution.

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